‘He wanted to prove everybody wrong’: Tony Adams hails Arsenal’s David Luiz for defiant display against Man City

Tony Adams has praised David Luiz for his performance after losing 2-0 to Manchester City in the World Cup final. Tony Adams hails Arsenal’s David Luiz

The Gunners sparked a sharp show with City, with captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scoring twice to narrow the London league standings in the final.

Brazilian defender Luiz has been hit by recent mistakes, but was one of Mikel Arteta’s top players at Wembley on Saturday night. And Arsenal’s leams – Adams who admitted earlier this week that he would ‘struggle’ to play alongside the center – have also released Luiz’s re-emerging show.

‘David Luiz has been very good and I have been criticizing him lately and I think there are a lot of people,’ Adams told the Astro stadium. Tony Adams hails Arsenal’s David Luiz

Arteta has led his side to the FA Cup final in his first season (Picture: Getty Images)

‘So, give credit where credit is due, he had a reduction between his teeth. He wanted to show everyone that he was wrong. Arteta led to the FA Cup final in her first season, him because in recent weeks I think the Arsenal crowd would really be on his back and I don’t know what he would have done about it, but he treated me well.

‘In this game in particular I just thought he was very good and I will shout from all over the world that he is outstanding, he does a good job.’

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